In our rapidly urbanising world, it is said that human beings are becoming urban beings. The UN has found that 55% of humans are currently living in cities, and that by 2050, this will have increased to 68%. Urban Being will look at what it means to be a citizen in the city, and how cities shape our identity.

My name is Claire and I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m fascinated by cities, urbanism and architecture. I hold a Master of Arts (Honours) degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews (2018). During my final year, I wrote a 12,000 word dissertation on how Edinburgh’s first New Town shaped the city’s social geography, and took classes called ‘Early Modern Cities’ and ‘The Art of Scandinavian Building and Design.’

I’ve also had the pleasure of studying abroad in the USA and the Netherlands. I spent my semester abroad at the College of William & Mary, Virginia. I took four classes, including ‘The History and Theory of Urban Design.’ During summer 2018, I took part in a three-week University of Amsterdam summer school course called ‘Urban Studies: Planning and Living in Cities.’ There, I deepened my knowledge of a variety of subjects including gentrification, digital urbanism and transit-oriented development.

In the near future, I would like to study for a Master’s degree in Urban Studies/Planning.